Matthew Graham L. Ac., QME

Has dedicated most of his adult life to the study of natural healthcare and healing. Beginning with exploration into Zen, and Taoist philosophy and meditation, he became intrigued with traditions of dietary fasting and aesthetic practice to enhance his meditation. These disciplines guided him in exploring a self-study in nutrition, homeopathy, and herbal medicine. 

Originally from New England, he relocated to California in 1990 where he began to study T'ai Ch'i and Oriental medical traditions. He studied Zen Shiatsu and Nutrition with Paul Pitchford, and has maintained a practice of shiatsu massage, nutritional counsel, and herbal medicine over 20 years. 

He worked and studied with his mentor Robert Heyob, L. Ac., over that same stretch of time. He managed a busy acupuncture clinic, dedicated to Women's Health, and the treatment of infertility, in San Jose, California. He has a background in music production, and live sound reinforcement, and enjoys most forms of artistic expression. He has worked in the studio or on the road with a variety of musical acts, and is a musician himself.

Matthew is certified in Shiatsu, and licensed to practice Acupuncture, and Traditional Chinese Medicine by the State of California. He is also credentialed as a Qualified Medical Evaluator, or QME, by the California Division of Worker's Compensation.